JAZ's Edge of the Empire Campaign

Adventure 3 - pt 5

Long Arm of the Hutt -pt 5

After landing in Moss Shutta the party decided to sneak into Teemo’s palace by using the battle droid crates. Once in the palaces workshop the crew decide to split into two teams. Tharg and CH-1 head to the gladiator cells to free them and recruit them to help take down Teemo. Pash and Griff head to the communication room to see if they can access Teemo’s computer system and dig up any info on what Teemo is up to.

Tharg and CH-1 enter the cell block and demand that the guards free the prisoners and join them in taking out Teemo. The guards (Gamorian) tell Tharg to go to hell. The first guard charges forward and is cut down by Tharg. Tharg then cuts the lock off of the first cell door an Aquelish comes out and runs by. At that point the other guard says that he will join them and hands them the cell keys. They then free the rest of the prisoners; a Wookie, a Human, and a Tuskin Raider. The Tuskin lunges at the remaining guard and starts to beat on him. Everyone laughs and Tharg separates them, then they all head out.

Pash and Griff head to the communication room. When Pash opens the door he sees a friend working at one of the stations in the room. Pash has Griff wait for a minute and goes in to talk to his friend (Jack). Pash distracts Jack by talking about money that Jack owes Pash, and gets him to tell him that the fights that Teemo is going to broadcast the next day. As Jack is distracted, Griff sneaks past into the server room to access the computers. He has trouble at first but is able to shut down communications to the outside world. Because of the trouble he was having Griff signals Pash to get Jack out of the room so he can use Jacks open terminal to access the computer system. After some digging Griff finds out that Teemo was spying on Jabba the Hutt, and got the plans for the battle droids. Meanwhile Pash was drinking with Jack when Jack hears gunfire and sees a prisoner escape past him, at that point Pash stuns his friend and puts him out on the loading dock.

The party reunites and heads out into the lobby of the palace. As they come to the lobby they see 6 thugs. Tharg tries to get them to join up with them, but as he is speaking Griff lobs a frag grenade into the middle of the group and splatters one of them all over the other five. With guts all over them and their ears ringing they flee out into the city. The party moves on down the grand gallery and runs into some resistance but they take take of it quick. At the short corridor going from the gallery to the throne room the party runs into heavy laser fire. Griff takes the initiative and heads back through the palace and enters the throne room by the gladiator pit where he lobs a frag grenade at a group of guards standing by the throne. The guards are all knocked prone. This gives the rest of the party time to enter the throne room and take cover behind some tables. Pash notices that there is a giant chandelier hanging over Teemo’s throne. He then tells CH-1 to aim for the chandelier. CH-1 takes aim and hits the chain holding the huge chandelier. It crashes down on Teemo and the guards killing all of them.

At this point the rest of the guard and anyone else in the throne room start to loot and flee the palace. The party finds a stash of credits on Teemo’s throne. They head back to the Lucky Guess and set a coarse back to Geonosis and their ship. Along the way they contact Anatta, Jabba’s spy and give him the info about Teemo spying on Jabba.

XP Award for this adventure: 10/player

Pash (Josh)
Griff (Fred)
CH-1 (Darel)
Tharg (Rich)


JAZ1976 JAZ1976

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