JAZ's Edge of the Empire Campaign

Adventure 4

Discovery on Arunia

After the crew of the Zepher spent some time shopping and upgrading the ship and equipment, the argued about what to do next. Fortunately Garth had an idea that they could all agree on, they could do some treasure hunting. Garth told the others about an archaeological dig going on the planet of Arunia. The planet was the home world of an ancient species of amphibians called the Arunee. Garth was hoping that they could find a relatively undisturbed site that they could take some artifacts from and sell to a buyer that he knows.

When the crew got to Arunia they spotted a Nebulon B science frigate in orbit. With some smooth flying by Garth they land on the planet without being spotted by the frigate. They lucked out even further when Garth landed not far from a completely untouched temple of the Arunee. Excited of the prospects of what they may fine Garth cautions them all to be careful, or the temple could collapse on them.

The party searched the main hall of the temple and found a nice intact tile mosaic in the entry and several frescoes on the walls but nothing portable. Then they found a trap door in the floor that led down into a crypt. In the crypt they found the remains of 6 priest with several pieces of jewelry on them. As the crew began to remove the remain they hear movement outside and soon have a security team from the nearby Imperial dig site asking them for their dig papers. That is when the fight broke out. After a short battle the team buries the security team in the desert and sends their speeder shooting across the desert. The crew pack up the rest of the remain and head back to Geonosis.

XP Award for this adventure: 10/player

Garth (Josh)
Griff (Fred)
CH-1 (Darel)
Tharg (Rich)


JAZ1976 JAZ1976

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