JAZ's Edge of the Empire Campaign

Adventure 4 - Pt 4

Discovery on Arunia - pt 4

Back at Mos Eisley the crew spend some time searching for information on where the artifacts are. They find out that they are being held in a police impound yard in the warehouse district. They scout out the facility and note the guard shift changes and the perimeter defenses. They come up with a plan to get in by posing as the team that is being sent to pick up the artifacts and transport them to an Imperial science vessel that is en route. The team purchase an old UPS hover truck from a local Jawa. The truck needed some fixing so Griff set to work while Garth an Griff’s R6 droid hacked into the town halls network so they could get into the police network from a less secure access point. Once on the network the R6 unit gets Garth into the police impound records and changes the time that the artifacts with be transferred and who will be picking them up. Garth and the droid also create all the documents to get them in and out of the impound yard. The next day the team takes their newly painted and fixed truck over to the impound yard and are let in with their fake id’s. The crew let the impound labor droids load up the crates and then leave the yard. They get back to the ship at the spaceport just in time to see a Lambda class shuttle touch down a few pads over from them. They lift off and fly back to Ryloth.

XP Award for this adventure: 10/player

Garth (Josh)
Griff (Fred)
CH-1 (Darel)
Tharg (Rich)


JAZ1976 JAZ1976

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