JAZ's Edge of the Empire Campaign

Adventure 9

A Trip to Rodia

After picking up Tharg’s new Reek on the moon of Nar Shaddaa, the crew are asked by a group of pirates that they are seeking passage to the planet Rodia. They are in a hurry to meet a deadline and are looking for a ship that is leaving. The crew say they will take them for 2000 credits each. The pirates say ok, and soon the Gilded Rancor is shuttering through the sky and on its way to Rodia.

The trip to Rodia was uneventful. The Gilded Rancor landed safely on the platform at Rodia City. After letting off their passengers, Griff tells them about an ancient Chiss research facility that was once operated on this planet. They find out where the ruins are and head out into the swamps. Along the way the crews speeder is struck by a giant snapping turtle. Garth was able to keep the speeder from being destroyed with some slick piloting but everyone was thrown from the speeder and he was left hanging upside down from the speeder. Tharg was thrown onto the back of the beast and proceeded to pummel the beast senseless with his axe. Before the beast could recover, Garth righted the speeder, everyone got in, and they were off again. Tharg was very disappointed that he couldn’t keep the giant turtle.

After several hours travel deep into the swamps, the crew finally find the ruins. They quickly discover a window that they brake to enter and find themselves in a medical supply room. Finding only a few stim packs they open the door and move out into knee deep water in the hallway. As they make their way down the hall CH-1 is stopped by a tentacle around his ankle. He managed to keep his balance and started firing into the murky water. Hitting nothing he calls out for help from his friends. Tharg stepped up and hacked at the tentacle with his axe, cutting deep into the dianoga. Griff and Garth also shoot at it but it is gone. They continue down the corridor and eventually find the main lab. Once they are in the lab Griff hot wires a terminal and manage to start it up. Garth then starts hacking through the system to find information on what they were working on here. Come to find out, the Chiss were working on a super soldier formula. After searching the lab they find 4 intact vials of the formula. They head back to the ship and head for home.

Once home the crew start to formulate a plan to market the formula, while Tharg tries his hand at Reek Riding. He managed to stay on for 6 seconds before being bucked off.

XP Award for this adventure: 5/player

Griff (Fred)
CH-1 (Darel)
Tharg (Rich)
Garth (Josh)


JAZ1976 JAZ1976

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