JAZ's Edge of the Empire Campaign

Adventure 3 -pt 4
Long arm of the Hutt - pt 4

The crew was mingling with the other party-goers trying to find out what made Duke Piddock cut ties with Teemo. As they question some of the guests, they find out that two of them are smugglers working for Duke Dimmock, running guns to Teemo, from Geonosis. They don’t seem to know why Duke Piddock stopped dealing with Teemo, they are just here to pick up guns for Dimmock. They talk with a Troidarian named Anatta that is here to buy guns for Jaba the Hutt, Teemo’s cousin. He informs the party that he deals in information and that Jaba has a suspicion that Teemo has been spying on him. Anatta would pay a good price for information that would show Teemo spying on Jaba or any info that would show Teemo working against Jaba’s interests on Tattooine. Anatta says that Jaba would even make Teemo’s bounty on them go away, and most likely remove Teemo all together. During the party Tharg intimidated the Duke trying to get him to sell him his protocol droid, but the Duke quickly called his guards and stopped the encounter before it got out of hand. In response to this Griff decided to talk to the Duke about guns to get him alone so that the crew could find out why he stopped working with Teemo. The main reason was that he has a Kubaz spy working for him. Another reason is that Teemo had the Kubaz kill and eat his envoy. He also suspects Teemo of working with the Empire. After getting the information that they need, the crew buys some guns for themselves with Nyssa’s money and plan on giving her some of the heavy blasters that they got fighting Teemos tugs outside the mines on Ryloth.
At this point the crew heads to Duke Dimmock to see if they can convince him of helping them get into Teemo’s palace. They present the information that they gathered about why Piddock stopped dealing with Teemo, and after thinking it over Dimmock decides to help the party out by giving them passage on the smuggler ship the Lucky Guess. As the party makes their way to the Lucky Guess Dimmock set up a rigged engagement to make it look like the party was stealing weapons from him so he is not associated with the party. At this point they also encountered the Gand bounty hunter that was at Piddocks party. They make short work of all their antagonists and board the ship and head to Teemo’s palace.

Adventure 3 - pt 3
Long Arm of the Hutt - pt 3

After the battle with Teemo’s thugs at the resort outside of the mining area, the party spent some time going over the contents of Drombb’s office and found nothing of value. As they were going through the office they did get some info off of the computer that may or may not be of use later on. The party then headed back to the mining camp and spent the night celebrating with the miners.

In the morning the party headed back to the spaceport to tell Nyn that they had taken care of the problem at the mine and that the miners should be safe for the foreseeable future. Nyn was very pleased to her that the mine and miners were safe. At that point she introduced the party to a Bothan named Ota who had a proposition for them that would put them in a position to take Teemo out. The party took the offer and headed to the planet of Geonosis where they were to attend an arms deal disguised as a cantina grand opening. Once there they need to find out why the host, Duke Piddock, broke off his dealings with Teemo. Once they got this info they could use it to get a different Geonosian, Duke Dimmock, to help them get into Teemo’s palace back in Mos Shutta on Tattoine.

They have not made much progress, but have found out that a pair of smugglers are taking a shipment to Teemo from Duke Dimmock. They also suspect that the Gand at the party may have noticed that they are wanted men.

Adventure 3 - pt. 2
The Long Arm of the Hutt - pt. 2

In this session the crew had to deal with one of their own prior to getting back to the mining camp. Cy’Cil had stolen something from the ship while it was being repaired. They managed to track him down in the crowded spaceport with the help of a human named Natan Gris, a hired gun/fixer sent by the Trade Federation to clean up Cy’Cil’s mess.

Once the Cy’Cil incident was resolved, the crew set out to confront Temo’s thugs. After Natan scouted out the thugs camp and found out the strength of the enemy, the team formulated a plan of attack.

Driving a truck up to the thug camp, they catch them relaxing. A gunfight ensued with our hero’s coming out on top and relatively unharmed.

Adventure 3
Long Arm of the Hutt - pt. 1

After leaving Cauldron Station the party finds an old Twi’lek named B’ura B’an locked in one of the ships holds. He said that he is a leader for a militia group that is trying to wrestle control of Ryloths ryll mining interest away from foreign control. They want the money generated by the sale of the spice ryll to go to Twi’lek’s not to outsiders. He says that his group has some people stationed at the spaceport of Nabat that could fix up their ship, but they would have to take care of a gang of Teemo’s thugs that have been harassing the miners. The crew decides to take the job and head out to the mines.

The next day the party comes up with a way to draw out some of the thugs, by running a shipment of ryll to the spaceport in a hauler. On the way to the spaceport the team is ambushed by a group of Teemo’s bounty hunters lead by Trex. The bounty hunters shoot out the tires on one side of the hauler causing it to roll over onto its side. They then proceed to shoot the truck up. The party managed to take one hunter out while they moved up to get into better positions. As they moved up Trex runs out of the cave to try and get around the party’s flank, but as he does that one of the party members blows up the cave entrance sending rock tumbling down on the hunters killing one of them. The Gand hunter is knocked back into the cave and Trex rushes back into the cave to help him and try to escape.

Some of the party run in after them while another party member runs around the hill to see if there is another entrance and cut off any escape. As he moves around the hill he sees the hunters speeder and takes it. Mean while, in the cave, the rest of the party finish off Trex and the Gand.

After looting the bodies the party fixes the haulers wheels enough to get it running again, so they head on to the spaceport. After 20 minutes a speeder cuts them off and forces them to stop. Once stopped three of the thugs that have been harassing the mine tell the guys in the cab to get out and open up the back of the truck. Unknown to the thugs, two of the party are hiding in the back with a speeder ready to run over the thugs. As the doors are flung open the speeder shoots out of the back hitting on of the thugs. The other is decapitated as they drive past. The one on the hood is shot and killed. The last thug tries to make a run back to his speeder but is gunned down.

The team puts the thugs speeder, which was damaged in the shooting, in the hauler and head on to the spaceport. After settling the shipment with the miners contacts in Nabat the party heads back to the mines to get ready for the upcoming attack by the thugs.

XP Award for this adventure: 10/player

Adventure - 2
The Cauldron

After their great escape from Mos Shutta on the planet of Tatooine, the party laid low for a while. When the dust seemed to settle they decided to take a load of cargo to a mining station located in the Ryloth system.

Cauldron mining station is located on a small planetoid called Cauldron, due to how close it orbits star of Ryloth. Cauldron station mines ore that is used to produce fuel for ships. Being so close to the systems star makes Cauldron a very hot planetoid with lots of volcanic activity and magnetic storms.

As the crew of the Krayt Fang land at the station they flew through a ash storm and burnt out one of the engine intake valves leaving them without the ability to leave the planetoid.

After landing on the deserted platform the crew noticed that the station didn’t seem to have any power. All the lights on the platform were dark. The little train that took cargo and personnel in and out of the station was still working due to its own engine, so they put their cargo on the train and headed into the station.

At the end of the rail line they came to an airlock. Due to the lack of power the party had to use the manual override to open the doors. Once inside that station they could tell that something was very wrong. The air tasted stale and it was extremely hot.

Just when they were about to open the inner airlock they were ambushed by some of the miners and the security chief. After a few tense moments that party found out that some creature had knocked out the main power generators and had killed several of the mining crew. The security chief asked them to help restore power so that the life support systems could be brought back online.

As the team made their way to the main storage hold to get a security card from the station administrator they came across one of the creature. It was trying to batter down the door to the storage area. The team was able to kill the beast and convince the administrator to give them the key card so they could restore power to the station.

From the storage area the team moved on to the engineering space were the other creature had made itself a nest. A fight ensued and while two of the party members fought the creature the others were able to restore power and reboot the life support systems. The creature was also killed.

The station personnel were very grateful for the parties assistance and in return fixed the engine intake valve for them. They then loaded up the ships cargo hold with fuel ore crates and paid for the cargo that the party had dropped off. Now they are off to sell there cargo.

XP Award for this adventure: 15/player

Adventure - 1
The Great Escape

Running from the local crime boss, Teemo the Hutt, the party ducks into the local cantina to try and through Teemo’s guards off their trail. While in the cantina they decides to steal a ship from a slaver named Trex that is working for Teemo, but they know that Trex is here to repair his hyperdrive motivator before his ship can leave the system.

After fighting their way out of the cantina, the group makes their way over to the junk dealer and buy the part that they need. While talking to the shop keeper they here that the Imperial space control center has locked down the spaceport. Before the group can leave they need to find a way to unlock the docking bay. To do this the group heads straight for the space control building.

Part of the team creates a diversion at the front of the building while another group sneaks into the building through the side door. They were able to unlock their ship after destroying most of the equipment in the building and then running for it.

While being chased by stormtroopers they manage to make it to the docking bay where they are confronted by several security droids. They manage to handle the security droids but they alerted Trex and the stormtroopers were able to catch up. After splitting the party and entering through the cargo hold as well as the bording ramp they had a short fight with the stormtroopers and were able to launch.

While leaving the planet the party was confronted by 2 wings of TIE fighters (4 total TIE’s). They were able to fend off the TIE’s long enough to install the hyperdrive motivator and make their escape.

XP Award for this adventure: 10/player

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