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  • Adventure 5

    Garth was having trouble getting in contact with his Pike Syndicate people so the crew did some looking around for a job that they could do to make some cash. They needed something to do before the Wookie and the Tusken killed each other. They had been …

  • Main Page

    h3. Welcome to the Edge of the Empire [[House Rules | House Rules]] This is where extra rules not found in the books can be found. [[Gaming Aids | Gaming Aids]] Here are some useful tables and charts to help with gameplay. [[Loot | Loot]] I …

  • Loot

    h1. Loot h2. Find out what the crew has available. h4. Once an item is claimed it will be removed from the list. h3. Credits 8820 +50000 Left over from ship sale -5000 droids =53820 credits (ship/business funds) h3. Weapons Light …

  • Griff The Honorless

    Was dishonorable discharged out of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force and stripped of his family name (House Phalanx) for aggression outside the mission parameters.

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