House Rules

Character Page

All players must create a character page here on Obsidian Portal or send/give me their character sheet so I can create it. If you are using a pre-gen character let me know which one you are using so I can upload it.

Adventure Log XP.

Any player who adds in a character perspective comment in the adventure log after our adventure will earn an extra 1 xp.

Players that did not participate can add an in-character story in the adventure log about what the character did while the others were in the adventure. This will earn 1 xp for the adventure log.

Ship Upkeep

Maintaining a ship on the fringe is important and difficult all at the same time. The complex machines are home to most adventuring groups, and usually take a lot of love and attention.
At the end of each adventure the group must spend an amount of credits to keep the ship running. The formulas and consequences are as follows.

Ship Cost X.01 = Episodic upkeep cost
Hit Threshold total damage x 100 + System Strain total damage x 10 +50 for each critical damage = repair costs
Ordnance purchase = number of weapons x base cost (concussion missiles = 500 credits, proton torpedos = 750) Note: Ordnance purchase does not figure into the negative effects of this rule.
Total upkeep cost = Episodic Upkeep + Repair Cost

IF the Episodic upkeep cost is not paid at the end of the episode, then the next episode the crew each has their strain threshold lowered by 1, and the ships system strain threshold is lowered by 2.
The third episode that the upkeep cost is not paid the next episode the crew’s strain threshold is lowered by 2 and the ships system threshold is lowered by 4.
On the fifth episode that the upkeep cost is not paid all ship based skill test suffer one setback die. To buy off these effects the cost is cumulative, so if the characters did not pay upkeep on episode 1, episode 2 would cost 2 times the upkeep cost.
For each level of this penalty, it upgrades the difficult of any skill checks to make modifications by 1. The ship always starts the episode with a full wound threshold.

Example: Chewie, Han, Leia, and C3PO land in Bespin after a daring escape from the Imperial Fleet at the end of their episode. Normally their upkeep costs would be as follows:

YT-1300 upkeep cost = 100,000 × .01 = 1,000 credits.
Repair cost = The Falcon suffered 5 point to it wound threshold and 10 points of system strain while escaping the astroid belt. It also is suffering from critical damage to its hyperdrive.

Repair costs = 5×100 + 10×5 + 50 = 600 credits.

So the crew has to pay a total of 1600 credits to avoid any adverse affects. To cover the tab, Han calls in a favor that Lando owed him.

Character Upkeep

All creature, including droid require some kind of upkeep. Food, medic, oil, and entertainment are all required to keep a sentient healthy and sane.
However, life on the fringe can be hard. Much like ships, at the end of every episode each character must pay to ensure they are healthy and ready for the next episode.
To determine this cost use the following:

Characters total wound threshold + total strain threshold x5 = Episodic upkeep cost
Total Wound taken at the end of the adventure x 10 + 10 per critical injury = medical costs
Total strain taken x 5 = entertainment costs.
personal upkeep = episodic upkeep + medical costs + entertainment cost

Each episode the character does not pay his or her personal upkeep cost their strain threshold is lowered by 1. They will always start the beginning of the next episode with full wounds.
This represents the ongoing affects of aches and pains, and hunger. These effects are cumulative with all other obligation affects.
The cost of this upkeep is also cumulative similar to the ship upkeep cost.

House Rules

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