JAZ's Edge of the Empire Campaign

Adventure 5

A day at the track.

Garth was having trouble getting in contact with his Pike Syndicate people so the crew did some looking around for a job that they could do to make some cash. They needed something to do before the Wookie and the Tusken killed each other. They had been fighting again. Tharg’s solution to the problem was to make them bouncers for the Spice Shack. As Tharg’s was hiring them a Rodian came in looking for work as a mechanic. Tharg hired him on the spot. Griff came across a bounty that the Black Sun had out on a merchant on Ryloth that owed them money. The crew found out that this merchant had a fondness for horse racing and that there was a track outside the spaceport. CH-1, Tharg, Fixo, and Nasuj hop into the speeder and head to the track with Griff following on his swoop bike.
They get to the track a few minutes before the start of the next race. The stands are crowded with people all placing bets on the next race. The crew decide to split up into 2 teams, Griff, Tharg and Fixo search on side of the tracks stands while CH-1 and Nasuj search the other side. As CH-1 and Nasuj are moving through the crowd CH-1 spots the merchant. He calls the others on the communicator and they all start to close in, but before they get anywhere near the merchant a group of 4 Weequay thugs grab him first. CH-1 immediately open fires on the group hitting one of the men making him, the merchant and one of the others fall over on the stands seats. Nasuj tries to stun one of the other 2 but he didn’t go down. Tharg then charges one and hits with his axe knocking him over. This guy manages to get of a shot at Tharg but it doesn’t do much. Fixo moves the speeder into position to cut off their escape. Tharg then intimidates them into giving up the merchant. The crew take the merchant to the Black Sun HQ and pick up their bounty of 5000 credits and they make a new contact.

XP Award for this adventure: 5/player

Griff (Fred)
CH-1 (Darel)
Tharg (Rich)
Fixo (Steve)
Nasuj (Evan)


JAZ1976 Grimmzz

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