JAZ's Edge of the Empire Campaign

Adventure 6

The supercharger heist

While the crew was relaxing at the Spice Shack watching Lowhhrick the wookie and Mavar’us the Tusken throw Zorcck the local drunk out the door for distance. The Tusken seemed to have the better throw and was trying to get the wookie to agree. Alfred the C3 droid suggested that they have another go at it before making a judgement. At that moment a human walked in as Zorcck made his way through the air passed him out the door. The human walks over to the crew and asks if they need another person on their crew. After talking with him and seeing what he can do, they add him to the party. They talk some more about what they want to do for their next mission. The human Jonas tells them about a job he heard about. It was a rescue mission from a local rebel cell. The rebels where looking for someone that could get into the Imperial holding facility in Mos Eisley on Tattooine. The crew had already hit the Imperial impound yard there so the rebels gave them the job. After flighting from Ryloth to Tattooine and landing on Mos Eisley. Once there the crew scouted out the holding facility and found that the security was tight. While CH-1 and Tharg scouted the facility Griff and Fixo went to the network substation that they used last time to hack into the Mos Eisley government network. There they found Roy the tech that was on duty last time and asked him to do some checkup on the computers. Roy said they could if they could get the AC working for him. After getting the AC unit to work they found out that the R3 unit they are looking for was on the 2nd floor of the facility and there was an underground access tunnel that brought power and communications into the building. The team got an extra speeder bike at Felnorr’s used vehicle lot. With the 3 bikes Tharg, Griff, and CH-1 created a distraction at the front of the building while Fixo and Jonas took the speeder to an aisle a block away and entered the underground tunnel there. CH-1 blew the gate open and started shooting at the patrol outside. Tharg charged one of the guards with his ax taking him out but his bike got hit and he crashed into the fence. As the firefight raged on outside Fixo and Jonas made their way up to the second floor dodging the interior patrol as they went. When they got to the door of the lab that was holding the R3 unit they heard another explosion. Fixo managed to get passed the lock on the door they rebooted the droid and started to head back out of the building. On the first floor they where spotted and the interior patrol started shooting at them. Fixo and Jonas managed to get the R3 unit passed a grate that they cut through earlier as the security team dropped grenades down behind them. Tharg Griff and CH-1 broke off the attack and headed back to the ship loosing there persuers in the maze of wharehouses. Fixo and Jonas got back to the speeder and got the droid in as the quards where coming out of the tunnel. They sped off back to the ship before the guards had a chance to shoot at them. The team manager to make it back to the hanger.

XP Award for this adventure: 5/player

Griff (Fred)
CH-1 (Darel)
Tharg (Rich)
Fixo (Steve)
Nasuj (Evan)


I knew that throwing in with Outer Rim types would be dangerous, but I was surprised most by their willingness to utterly abandon their team members in a crisis. Even when I reminded the distraction team that I had the droid, which represented their paycheck, they were reluctant to endanger themselves further.

Most mercenaries are pretty focused on their next paycheck, but these guys were more focused on prestige. They want this “Triple Sands” brand to grow, and they’d rather their heists be notorious than successful, it seems.

What I need to do is make myself useful to the Sands’ image. The Chiss seems to have a better head on his shoulders than the rest. At least a human-like one anyway. I’ll talk to him to see what sort of operation we can swing with me as the centerpiece.

Adventure 6
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